About PILOT Real Estate Group - Acquisitions, Finance, Management


PILOT Real Estate Group specializes in providing short term bridge loans to satisfy a range of capital needs related to acquisitions, construction, refinancings, note purchases, discounted payoffs, partnership buyouts, working capital and capital expenditures. PILOT invests discretionary balance sheet capital and can therefore creatively structure a financing product to dovetail with the unique challenges of each transaction as well as work within the tight timeframes of special situations. As experienced and independent lenders, PILOT understands value creation and can participate in transactions whose characteristics may preclude traditional and other alternative capital sources. PILOT's flexibility has enabled it to close loans in various markets across the country secured by a spectrum of assets from land to student housing properties. PILOT understands the nuances of the bridge lending business, invests with integrity and seeks to establish long-standing relationships with borrowers.

Equity/JV Equity

PILOT Real Estate Group and its affiliates are active developers of commercial, residential, hospitality, and mixed use assets in select markets across the country. The partners of PILOT have over 100 years of collective experience as developers, owner/operators, and lenders. Since its inception, PILOT has established development initiatives in New York, Connecticut, Illinois, and Florida.

PILOT Real Estate Group invests equity in transactions where there is an opportunity to add value through repositioning, entitling, developing or managing assets. PILOT's understanding of risk, knowledge of a range of asset classes and experience as owners, lenders and developers translate to investments that are capitalized appropriately and executed effectively.

PILOT Real Estate Group operates a platform to programmatically acquire, renovate and sell single family homes in suburban Chicago, IL. Through the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) PILOT is a recognized Strategic Developer and acquires distressed or REO properties located within communities that were negatively impacted by the financial downturn.


PILOT Real Estate Group understands the challenges of managing the day-to-day operations of real estate investments and provides capital to sponsors seeking to raise their co-investment commitments. As experienced developers and owner/operators of various types of real estate assets, PILOT offers sponsors its operational expertise, balance sheet, lender relationships, and substantial industry network to help create value for ventures.


PILOT Real Estate Group and its partners collectively have over 100 years of experience as investors, operators, developers, and lenders. Because we invest balance sheet capital, we are able to creatively structure investments as debt, equity, or a hybrid of both in order to match the risk/return profile of complex and illiquid investments in senior and subordinate positions.

PILOT Real Estate Group - Acquisitions, Finance, Management